Experience Their Breath!
The Incredible Churches of Lalibela
Trekking Into The Nether World
Capable of the toughest journey!

Experience Their Breath!
The Incredible Churches of Lalibela
Trekking Into The Nether World
Capable of the toughest journey!
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Popular Car Rentals

Popular Car Rentals (4)


Written by on 07/05/2013

Toyota Yaris is a sensible choice, with affordable running costs, a strong reliability record, lots of safety equipment, and a practical and spacious cabin for carrying people or luggage.

  • Roomy interior
  • Packed with standard equipment
  • Toyota’s decent reliability record and long warranty

Toyota Corolla

Written by on 07/05/2013

This one is different. For a start, it looks more solid and expensive than previous models, something that's reflected in the smartly designed, roomy, high-quality interior. And, unlike in previous versions there's decent room for adults in the back seats.

Toyota also significantly improved the way the car drove with this model. It's pretty much as good to drive as a Ford Focus, even though its handling may not be quite as involving. Comfort and composure are excellent in all conditions.

  • Decent room, a solid interior and a good drive
  • It's reliable, too

Toyota has also improved the Land Cruiser's already formidable off-road ability by adding a host of new driver aids. These include adjustable terrain settings and Crawl Control for inclines and descents, as well as a tyre-angle display and speed-sensitive power steering with an off-road setting.

Those who do most of their driving on road will probably be more interested in the new Turn-Assist system, which reduces the turning circle.

As with the previous model, only one engine is available: a 4.5-litre V8 diesel that now has a diesel particulate filter and new fuel injectors to help it meet the latest European emissions standards. CO2 has been reduced from 270g/km to 250g/km, while average fuel economy is up from 27.7mpg to 29.7mpg.

  • Land Cruiser V8 updated
  • Even better off-road


Written by on 07/05/2013

We have the Toyota Commuter as our 12-Seater Minibus for hire. With this minibus, you can travel in a larger group of 12 adults. This minibus represents the largest vehicle type that we have in our fleet. This minibus is very practical in transporting a larger group of people.

12-Seater Minibus Specifications:

  • 4 door minibus
  • 2.7 litre 4 cylinder
  • 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Power Steering + ABS
  • CD/MP3 Player
  • Height: ~2.3m
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