Addis Ababa Tour

Tour code: ZTC-020

Half day sight seeing of Addis
By Surface

Visit the national museum where the remains of the famous Lucy (Australopithecus afrensis, 3.5 million years) are displayed, Merkato (the largest open-air market in Africa), see a panoramic view of the city, view various street statues, monuments, airport etc.

Tour code: ZTC-021

Full day sight seeing of Addis
In addition to the half-day sight seeing stops, visit the Saint George Cathedral (for wonderful art and mosaics), the Africa Hall, and the ethnological (ethnographic) museum, where Ethiopia's 80 nationalities and different cultures are displayed at the former palace of Emperor Haile Sellassie.
Day trip from Addis

Tour code: ZTC-022

• To Blue Nile George, Debere Libanos monastery and Portuguese bridge
• Debere Ziet
• Zikuala mountain and Gebre Menfes Kidus monastery
• Mt. Entoto and Sululta rolling plain
• Sodore resort center
• Addis Alem Debre Tsion Mariam church and Menagesha Suba forest
• Wonchi crater lake